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I am dedicated to helping you submit exceptional grant proposals to private, corporate, and government funders. Sometimes that will mean doing some hard, prep work in the beginning but, that will enable us to submit the best grant proposals we possibly can that show your agency in the best light possible.

Since 2010, I have written successful grant proposals – totaling over $7,500,000 – for a wide variety of human services agencies including community health centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment centers, community outreach and education agencies, child development specialists, domestic violence emergency shelters, homeless programs and shelters, food banks, and more.

I also have a comprehensive range of experience working with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and FQHC Look-Alikes. I have written several successful New Access Point applications and Look-Alike (LAL) Initial Designation applications as well as LAL Renewals, LAL Annual Certifications, FQHC Budget Period Renewals, FQHC Service Area Competitions, FQHC Expanded Services, and more. I am well versed in all aspects of FQHC management and governance as well as clinical and financial compliance requirements.

In 2003, I graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and I have worked exclusively in grant writing consulting since summer 2010. Prior to becoming a grant writing consultant, I worked in construction consulting and also owned a contracting and remodeling business.

Call today to discuss how I can help your nonprofit agency with its grant writing and fundraising needs.

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