Daly Professional Services offers you a choice of two fee structures –

FLAT FEE – Flat fees are based upon three factors – the scope and complexity of the project, the research required for the project and, the remaining time before the deadline for submission (if applicable – not all grant submissions are on deadlines).

You will receive a written (email) proposal/contract with the total price.

Flat fees include any necessary funder research, proposal development, budget development suggestions (if included), and submission to the funder (if included). We depend upon you to provide the information necessary to complete the applications/letters. Often, this requires multiple phone calls, emails, and follow-up over the course of a project. There is never an extra charge for these communications.

RETAINER FEE – Daly Professional Services offers retainer agreements ranging in duration from six months to one year. All retainer agreements are renewable and can be terminated at any time by either party. Retainer agreements can offer a full package of grant consulting services including, funder research, grant opportunity research, RFP reviews and recommendations, development and writing of competitive grant proposals, development and writing of competitive letters of inquiry or any combination of the above services.

There are several advantages to a retainer fee arrangement to both parties –

  • BUDGETING – With a monthly retainer arrangement, there are no surprises. You can budget well in advance for grant consultant services avoiding any unexpected expenses.
  • RESULTS DRIVEN VS. TASK DRIVEN – A retainer agreement with a grant writing consultant is focused only on achieving your grant funding objectives and doing the work necessary to achieve those objectives. With a retainer agreement, we can work with your staff to develop a cohesive and comprehensive grant seeking plan, which will allow you track results and easily calculate the return on your investment. As your consultants, we are committed to your overall grant writing and fundraising goals.
  • CLIENT/CONSULTANT RELATIONSHIP – The client/consultant relationship greatest benefit of a retainer agreement. Trust is an extremely important part of any professional relationship and it doesn’t happen over night. But, over time, we’re able to develop deeper understanding of your agency, your goals, your expectations, and your way of doing business. It’s comforting to be able to pick up the telephone and talk to someone who is thoroughly familiar with your agency. This kind of relationship results in an efficient, effective, and successful fundraising team.

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