Daly Professional Services offers several services to maximize your chances of securing grant funding from private and corporate foundations and government agencies.

    • GRANT FUNDING RESEARCH – You will receive a grant writing plan specifically designed for your agency’s unique requirements with a list of recommended foundations (sometimes as many as 40 or 50), that are most likely to provide grant funding for the programs and services you provide. We can also develop a monthly or quarterly grant writing calendar/plan. Many agencies submit 12 to 15 letters/proposals per quarter given enough funders for their specific services and geographic location. Daly Professional Services offers several different levels of research services depending upon your agency’s needs.
    • ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS – We will help you determine if your agency is ready to begin submitting grant proposals by conducting a comprehensive review of your management, finances, services, governance, etc. Based on our findings, we will recommend specific steps you can take to become grant-ready.
    • GRANT WRITING – We will develop letters of inquiry and full grant proposals for private, corporate and government funders that shine the best light on your agency. Our services can include research, preparation, proposal development, proposal writing, follow-up, cover letters, and submission.
    • FUNDING OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS & SUMMARY – We will analyze and summarize any potential grant opportunities before you commit any grant writing resources. You will receive a concise, comprehensive review and summary of the RFP and what the funder is requesting of applicants. You will have all of the necessary information in order to make an informed decision about the funding opportunity.
    • EDITING & PROOFREADING – We will review any letters of inquiry or full grant proposals that your agency has already written and provide suggestions relating to strategy and content as well as grammar, presentation, layout, etc.

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